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 ◆ Hebron Pump technology business goals

    The "Hebron pump" into the domestic first-class, internationally renowned large-scale enterprises
         * Display of modern life to develop future space
         * Do fine to do bigger and stronger post-secondary
         * Based on the domestic market to open up international markets

  ◆ Hebron Pump technological entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurial innovation and the pursuit of excellence
         * Patriotic self-devotion to the person primarily responsible for self-benefit
         * The concept of innovation and system innovation management innovation, technological innovation
         * Fight first first-class emphasis on practical work stress unity
         • Technical-class management first-class quality and first-class service-class

  ◆ Hebron Pump Technology Philosophy

         * New Era, New concepts of new products
         • Market efficiency is the command time is
         * To challenge the new day, every day of progress

   With WHO Tongjin
* Face the world and worked hard and
         * To actively adjust the transformation strain
         * To catch up with the world's advanced science and technology with the international similar products in sync

   Together with others
         * For the benefit of mankind and human progress, together with
         * For national revival and national prosperity, together
         * Profit with the employees for staff development

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