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In order to further improve product quality, improve Hebron Pump Technology Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang products in the international and domestic market position and credibility among users, truly, "Pegasus Good To America into society in high-quality products Hebron Pump "purpose. We solemnly to the community, the majority of the user issued the following statement:
  1. Strengthen the pre-sale, after-sales service, the 24-hour service, advanced services, full service, life-long service, and implementing in the product manufacture, installation, commissioning, overhaul the entire process; ensure that manufactured products meet the relevant standards or technical requirements stipulated in the contract and make factory product qualification rate reached 100%.
  2. Supporting key projects for the equipment and products to ensure that contract requirements: quality and quantity, even if the precise delivery, technical services that need to send professional and technical service personnel to participate in inspection and guidance out of the box installation, commissioning and work until the normal operation of equipment, .
  3. Receiving user requirements to resolve product issues arising from the use of the notice, Hebron Pump sales company or a local office within 12 hours rushed to the scene to conduct services; Hebron 6:00 Pump respond within the company; if required on-site solution, Hebron pump guarantees dispatch within 24 hours of technical service personnel, and ensure the quality is not resolved, service personnel are not evacuated.
  4. Guaranteed cash product "three guarantees" service provides products in the "three guarantees" service during the period really a product quality problem, strictly fulfill the contract obligations. Where the super-"Three Guarantees" period of the product, if the user needs repair service, promised to provide maintenance services.
  5. If the user in need of technical training, the company will spare no effort to help users train operation, maintenance, repair and other relevant personnel, and focus on the user visits, quality tracking.
  6. Regular meetings of the user forums, and user communication, phone calls, visits and other information, in a timely manner to pass Gordon, analysis, processing, feedback, etc., and according to user needs to improve product performance, continuously improve product quality.
  7. Ready to meet the demand side of the spare, spare parts requirements.
    8. No matter the circumstances, our side will not make things difficult for demand-side for any reason. This letter of commitment will become an integral part of the contract, the contract has the same effect.


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